WEDDING TARIFA – Getting married in Spain

Weddings in Tarifa are some of the best for me as a wedding photographer. Tarifa weddings tend to attract one of my favorite types: laidback and wild at heart.

Wedding in Tarifa – the perfect backdrop for a love story

There aren’t many places in Spain that can compete with Tarifa if you’re looking for amazing scenery and a very laidback vibe. If you do, let me know! Weddings in Tarifa I have shot in the past, remain among my all-time favorites.

A Romantic chapel in the hills – Tarifa’s best-kept secret

When I saw this tiny little chapel, perched on the edges of Sierra de Fates hills, it took my breath away. It’s absolutely stunning and a dream for a wedding photographer.

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Getting married is serious but can be so much fun

Yes, getting married (even in Spain) is kind of serious but imagine the fun you can have in Tarifa. It’s not uncommon for some brides and grooms to head to the beach on their wedding day. Be it for some wind-catching slash kite-surfing or wave chasing.

Because, why not!

Getting married in Tarifa and looking for a wedding photographer? Amazing! Contact me if you’d like me to capture your special day!