I know getting married is kind of serious but that does not mean you cannot have some wild fun along the way.

Still, some couples worry about all the little mishaps, whereas often that is exactly what makes the day truly yours and unforgettable. My advice would be to relax, pour some cava and embrace the chaos!.

Keely and Julian – what an amazing couple of human beings!
Their wedding at the Cortijo de Los Caballos was wild and fun and later – even wilder. It was the same kind of ooooh as some chocolate sauce on your ice cream.   They were their awesome selves and I absolutely loved every minute of it. 

Because, you know, a wedding is not just about you, however, it is your day! And just so you know it – you can have it any way you like. It’s not some sort of scripted event where you have to act as a bride or a groom; you just happen to be one!

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On their wedding day, both Keely and Julian permeated good times. They laughed all the time  – and everybody laughed with them. They were relaxed and a joy to be around: from the getting ready to the very last pool jump!

For me, it’s about the priorities: do I want to stress about every little thing or are you determined to just enjoy the ride?

When you go out for the couple portraits, would you rather be you, or pretend (or struggle!) to be someone you are not?

Are you a true romantic? Or are you wild and fun? Or maybe a bit of both?  Great! So, how about we take some ’normal’ photos and then just go with the flow?

In decades to come, I would like my wedding couples to look back at their day and remember who they really were. I want them to remember the amazing time they shared together with their families and friends.

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