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October 13, 2018

Getting married in Spain

Getting married in Spain is easy. No, seriously, it is! Sometimes planning a large destination wedding, far away from home, can be a bit daunting, but with so many options to choose from and so many wonderful professionals to work with, all you have to do is to… choose what makes you tick ūüôā¬†

As a wedding photographer in Spain, I enjoy the diversity this country gives. You can get married in a classic Spanish Cortijo. Or on top of the hill among the ruins.  And by the sea in a modern wedding venue like the Tikitano or Puro Beach. All that makes Spain and Costa del Sol one of the best destination for weddings in the world. 

Vanessa and Barry decided to have a more classical and elegant wedding in Marbella. They had their wedding ceremony at a popular Encarnacion church, right next to Orange Square in Marbella Old Town. 

You’ve got to appreciate the timeless and elegant vibe of this wedding – from the choice of their wedding venue to their wedding party’s dapper choice of attire. The key to achieving this, I think, is simplicity.

Villa Cisne Marbella

Their wedding venue, from preparations to dances, was the spectacular, fashion and art inspired Villa Cisne, a luxury beachside wedding venue. Seeing the incredible Helmut Newton’s album on display right next to the bride having her makeup done made me feel at home.¬†

I just loved the painterly light inside all rooms during the getting ready photos and the floor to ceiling mirror bedroom was nothing short of spectacular!

Wedding photographer in Marbella

I love to create photographs that will stand the test of time, from the capture to editing. For that reason, I feel that every frame should have a purpose of documenting an important moment in time. Also, adding to the story of the day and enhancing the experience. It’s easy to get carried away and follow all the latest trends thriving on social media, no question about that.¬†

However, wedding photography, to me,¬† should be a meaningful representation of people and places. My goal is to photograph how it feels and not just how it looks. So if you can almost hear them laugh, see them cry or feel them hug, I’ve done my job as a wedding photographer right.


Wedding planning  Fiesta Sol

Church Iglesia de la Encarnación

Villa Cisne Wedding Marbella


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