Nikki Beach Marbella Wedding

January 9, 2020

Nikki Beach Marbella Wedding

Nikki Beach is one of the most popular beach clubs in Marbella, attracting an international crowd, including some big celebrity names, and famous for its wild parties. Champagne spray, anyone? But not everyone knows it can also be a fun choice for a wedding venue!
As someone who can only pray some cold water on their face in the morning, I would probably never get to a place like this. You would have better odds finding me shopping for new plants or walking the hills. But that does not mean I do not like to party. Or witness a good party. Or, better still, photograph a good party. And I had the pleasure to do just that (and more), last summer.

My Big Marbella Wedding

When Sian & Harry contacted me over a year before their wedding in Marbella, I had to rub my eyes a little, because it gave me a total deja vu experience. Their wedding day plans looked A LOT like another wedding I have shot some five years earlier. Not only were they getting ready at the Don Carlos Marbella hotel and had the ceremony around the same time in the Don Carlos lush gardens, but right after, they were making their way to Nikki Beach to party in nothing less than beach attire. No surprise there. I shot Sian sister’s wedding five years ago in the same scenario 🙂

Don Carlos Oasis Wedding preparations

When I arrived at the Don Carlos Oasis Marbella, it was like entering the same stage for the second time – so many familiar faces! But then, I quickly realized, things have changed quite a bit, the time has passed, the little kids I saw before were no longer little kids. And there were more kids this time! So some of the cute little kids were now Big Sisters and Brothers. Time flies, but I can stop it. That’s my superpower.

The suites in the Oasis Marbella are a spectacular place to shoot. Having so much room to move around (and there was a sizeable wedding party involved) and painterly light to work with, is pure luxury. And we did need a lot of room even to display Sian’s wedding dress. The biggest wedding dress in my career! We had to hang it high up on the terrace to display it properly.

Don Carlos Gardens

I have shot many weddings in Don Carlos’ beautiful gardens before and love how many inspiring corners one can find there. The lush foliage and colorful flowers are a stunning backdrop. Most wedding couples would love to hang out there for an hour posing for portraits, in the summer heat (or am I just dreaming?), but I already knew Sian and Harry were all about jumping into something comfortable and ready to party by the beach! I was happy I managed to talk them into going away for a couple of minutes to shoot some romantic photos before resuming the party vibes. 

Champagne Spray Party

I am a big advocate for celebrating life and love your way. Because it is your life and your experience. And I cheer everyone bold enough to step away from the must to adhere to some preconceived vision of how to do things.
Have you been dreaming of a princess wedding dress? Go for it!
Would you like to invite all 700 hundred of your nearest and dearest? Perfect!
Would you rather say “I do” out in the meadows, standing barefoot? Awesome.
Or you may fancy spraying some world-class champagne on your wedding guests and rock your wedding edition white bikini! Because we only live once.