Turn the sound on and enjoy the ride!

It’s this time of the year when the dust settles and a clearer vision of where I am heading as a wedding photographer emerges.

It is also a time of great struggle, as I trudge through thousands of delivered photos from my last wedding season, and try to narrow down my selection to a couple of hundreds (still a ton, I know!). Why would I do that? To create the annual BEST OF WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY (check out theĀ Best of 2018, too), of course. Wine can only help so much! So, after hours of pondering and re-working things over and over, I now present you with my highly subjective selection.

Nothing beats real moments

It was not at all easy. Still, I had to scrape all the fluff – the pretty flowers and even cuter cakes, not to mention the awesome shoes I will never get to wear, as I live in flip flops. There’s definitely space for that, too, and I promise to add a separate gallery when I recover from creating this slideshow.

Because when so many of my clients say their wedding was the best day of their lives, I don’t think they think about all the decor, albeit often outstanding. It’s just a background for all the crazy, fun, moving, and touching moments that can only happen with other people (well, sometimes also dogs and cats and an occasional donkey). 

Therefore, when I bend my knees and work my butt off, it is to capture precisely this: real emotions and moments.

We can later go out and goof around posing and staging, but the essence of every wedding day is its unscripted vibe.

Best Destination Wedding – work in progress

Planning your wedding in Spain, picking your wedding venue, as well as all the suppliers and imagining it is one thing while living the moment is quite another. And as a wedding photographer, I want to capture precisely that: how it feels, not just how it looks. And whenever I think I’ve seen it all, my clients and their guests surprise me.

Team Good Documentary Photos

I have to say that in many ways it was not an easy wedding season (escaping the heat, dodging the rain, painful shoulders, lost lens caps, running around to get that shot) but it was also one of the best in so many ways. First of all, I should thank all the clients, who trusted me enough to approach them with my camera (and I can get quite close!) and tell their amazing story. Second of all, I would like to thank all the amazing wedding planners, decorators, coordinators, DJs, florists, and just about every single person, who sets the stage for the beautiful things to happen.