Kids at Weddings {Photos I like & Why I like them}

January 12, 2012

During the quiet winter months (I know, I know, winter with over 20 degrees outside is somewhat of a strange concept – but still) I finally have the time to go over some of the photos from busy summer months again.

I thought I’d share some of them with you and share my thoughts why I like them so much. Well, I can try but it’s not easy.

It’s easy pointing out the photos, not easy to put my finger on why exactly they draw my attention.

The photo below is a good example.


Of course, I like taking photos of kids in general, so the little girl here partially justifies my choice. But there’s something else to it, too. Maybe the grownup wedding dress juxtaposed with pure curiosity and innocence of a child? In a way, it seems that the dress is drawing a line between childhood and adulthood (you can see a glimpse of a woman standing to the left inside). Maybe the photo is about changes in life? Time passing? A foot in the door?

I like when there’s more to a dress/shoes/rings than their beauty only.

I also like to watching people watching other people. Wow! And seize the moment.