bridal preparations in Spain


How to get ready for the getting ready

Get ready to get ready.

Wedding preparations.

Oh, the quiet or fun focus mode during the bridal preparations. I love this part of the wedding day and consider it a significant time of the wedding day. Why? Because it often sets the tone for the entire day.

My tip? Surround yourself with people you like, who build you up, and don’t add stress. Happy tears are allowed, and fun is everything. We are Team Good Photos, after all!

The getting ready should be a fun and relaxing time for you, so it’s good to prepare a few things ahead of time and… delegate!

Something to consider… 

Declutter the room a bit. You don’t have to go for a spring clean type of frenzy, but keeping the space tidy helps big time! 

When possible, replace any plastic bottles with some glass and move any bulky objects (hello big black open suitcase) from visible areas.

Make the beds.

Did I mention making the beds? Right.

What happens during the getting ready from the photographer’s perspective?

For me, as a wedding photographer, it is a very intensive part of the day! You might be in your room, chatting with friends and sipping champagne (or Spanish Cava), but I am always ticking off items on my mental checklist.

  • First of all, I shoot you and your family/friends/guests getting ready. I like to show things how they were in a beautiful and storytelling way.
  •  That is also the time when I try to cover all the wedding details photos I as well as whatever venue decor is ready.
  • If possible – the guests arriving & welcome drinks
  • Exchanging gifts
  • First look

I am usually in and out of the room quite often, as I am checking on a couple of different areas.

The Pretty Things – Wedding Details photos

I like to start the getting ready pictures with shooting the details so that everything necessary is covered and I can then move onto capturing candid moments. 

The goods: Think of what details you’d like to have photographed. I usually shoot the rings/shoes/flowers/the dress, but maybe there’s something else that is meaningful for you that you would like me to photograph? Or perhaps that is something you don’t really care about all that much? Either way, it’s a good idea to gather everything in one place. It saves us time ( and stress ) that can be spent on doing something more creative. 

things to gather: 

  • wedding rings
  • engagement ring
  • jewelry
  • hairpiece
  • garter
  • shoes
  • perfumes
  • invitations
  • flowers
  • your something borrowed/something blue
  • buttonholes
  • other

Take off the tags and unnecessary packaging.

The wedding dress/ bridesmaids dresses: 

Think of a cute hanger. However, It does not have to be anything special like a hanger with your name on it (unless you want one!). A simple wooden hanger is 100 times better than a cheap plastic one. If possible, remove any plastic covers and tags.

Timing the Bridal Preparations

Also known as How much time do we need?

You now know bridal getting ready photos are not just about the bride getting her hair and makeup done.

To cover all the ingredients (the details, bride, and groom getting ready, the wedding details, etc.) I suggest at least 2 hours. Ideally, you should be dressed and ready at least 20 minutes before the photographer needs to leave for the ceremony. Remember, I need to go before the bride and the groom get to the ceremony and get things ready! Depending on location & the logistics, it maybe 10 minutes or 30 minutes (always more for church weddings).

What NOT to worry about

I know it may feel a bit awkward having someone you barely know, follow you with a camera during pretty vulnerable times. BUT! Team Good Photos! Remember? I am there to tell the story of one of the most important days in your life. But I also want to tell it in a fun, elegant, tasteful way.

Here’s a couple of awesome sauce hair & makeup artists in Spain who make my life as a wedding photographer much easier!

Ella Megan

Liza Mayne

Charlotte Lothigius

Nicola McGeroge

Alex Harrocks

Lorraine from Princess Bride