Casa de los Bates wedding – Motril, Granada – Ruth & Michael

January 22, 2020

Wedding at the popular wedding venue in Motril, Granada – Casa de Los Bates. This wedding puts a big smile on my face. Fun and relaxed, natural and honest.

On the way to Motril, Granada, I was looking at the skies rather anxiously, as they were getting darker and darker. Not something you would expect in July, on Costa del Sol (or technically Costa Tropical). But there we were, expecting the rain.

I know it can be devastating to some brides and grooms but when I got to Ruth’s suite, all I could see was a bunch of girlfriends having a great time!

That’s the way to go! There’s no point in worrying too much about something you cannot control. And I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s good to distance yourself from the weather – not your family & friends. And, although the weather forecast looked pretty grim, we almost entirely escaped the rain!

Do your own awesome

For Ruth & Michael, I am convinced they could have had an amazing wedding in the pouring rain and in a backyard shed. Nothing would dim their sparkle. (But having it in a beautiful Spanish villa like Casa de Los Bates did not hurt!)

Ruth may have looked like a woodland fairy, but she was one firecracker of a girl! They had mentioned they were into dancing, but their first dance was a jaw-dropping performance! I guess it doesn’t hurt to have great entertainment on your wedding day.

Collecting moments

I tried to convey that in my photos. I loved their understated elegance, spontaneity, and honesty. My job on the day was to collect the tiny moments, gestures, laughter, and weave it into their wedding story.

I strive to capture the vibe of each particular wedding day in an honest, non-choreographed way. I can only hope that my wedding photographs still hold their power in the years to come.

Planning & Decor by Perfect Spanish Weddings

Wedding venue Casa de Los Bates

Hair by Alex Harrocks