Fearless Photographers Awards

August 14, 2019

I almost forgot to mention that recently I’ve won TWO MORE Fearless AWARDS! (and I already had one).

And it takes me not to brag about it on my own blog.

When I was checking the results of Fearless Awards for Collection 49, my heart stopped when I saw one of my photos selected. I actually hit the refresh button a couple of times to make sure it was still there 😉

I was already opening an imaginary bottle of good red ( *the real one had to wait as it was around 11 am) when I saw ANOTHER of my photos has won an award!

So, why does it mean so much to me and why do I think it’s important?

And what is this Fearless Photographers Award anyway? Well, in the world saturated with wedding photographers – and all sorts of wedding communities/directories/associations -, Fearless Awards are some of the most coveted (and hard to get) awards. To put it in a perspective, only 1-2% of the images make it there. And there were over 11000 submissions for the last Collection. So do the math.

It is a great honor for me to be among some of the best wedding photographers in the world, who strive to make wedding photography (and wedding industry) a better place.

To me, as a wedding photographer, it’s about pushing myself and my skills, to look for new layers of meaning at every wedding I shoot, to go beyond the obvious and just the decorative side of things. To be fearless when a lot of the wedding industry tells you it doesn’t pay off.

I believe there’s room for a lot of pretty things at weddings as well as real emotions, spontaneity, and fun.

As you can read on the Fearless Photographers website,

“The best wedding photographers in the world are FEARLESS!

You’re not an ordinary couple. We’re not ordinary wedding photographers.  
You love powerful, original photos. We love taking them.  
You want to remember the beauty, the fun, the realness of your big day. Same!  
You’re passionate, world-wise and looking for the best. We’re a global network of professional photographers striving to go above and beyond every single day.  
Let’s get together.”

And to make my life EVEN sweeter, one of my Fearless Awards was also selected by Husspost in one of their wedding-related articles.