La Cabane luxury wedding in Marbella

March 24, 2018


When I arrived to photograph Abi & Cam’s wedding in Marbella, I started off with preparations in the bride’s family home. As I had to wait for a bit and sat in their living room, Abi’s sister showed me their parents’ wedding album. It was a beautiful heirloom album, with real printed photographs in it. Very different in style to what we often see these days yet it was a fantastic reminder of what wedding photography is really about.


Wedding photography as a storytelling

I like to say I’m a storyteller and try not to precise my style any further. Why? Because I feel that storytelling is everything – as a photographer you are there to capture important moments, the whole scope of emotions – from excitements to feeling overwhelmed to pure joy. But there are also little things and beautiful details that also add to the story of the day and I find it exciting to shoot them in the best way I possibly can. Nevertheless, I always feel that real people are my ultimate goal. They are there, they share the journey with you and make your personal history. I like to think I stop time and that’s my superpower.

Being able to photograph many different weddings, in various locations across Costa del Sol or Andalucia, often at incredible venues, is a privilege, for sure. But being able to capture what then becomes an important family history, is more important.

BUT… photographing real people and history in the making at a luxury venue like La Cabane, makes my life as a storyteller, easier. Or more pleasant. The vast, open space and clean lines give a lot of room to play with. I find it perfect for those, who like a contemporary yet timeless style. 


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Wedding Venue: : La Cabane Los Monteros in Marbella