Getting married in Gibraltar – Elopement Photography

February 16, 2020

Getting Married in Gibraltar

Whenever I have clients who want to get married in Gibraltar – or Gib, as we like to call it- I know there’s a Story to it. Of course, there is a story to every wedding, but my experience with Gibraltar proves there is more of a story 🙂 And I love that!

Wedding photographer in Gibraltar for Elopements

There is a myriad of reasons why some couples decide to elope and have an intimate wedding ceremony – it may be for the convenience, legal requirements, looking for an intimate experience where there is just the two of you (plus your witness), less pressure.

And how are elopements different from a wedding photographer’s perspective? Usually (but not always) elopements are a bit shorter and the relationship between the photographer and the couple changes quickly. After all, there are not many people to share the experience with – it is often just the photographer and the couple and sometimes some closest family or friends. There’s time to talk, to laugh, to get to know each other better. It really is a unique experience I enjoy. But that is also why choosing a photographer you trust and have good chemistry with is so important. After all, you don’t want to be stuck for hours with someone you do not like!

Wedding in Gibraltar

Sunborn Gibraltar – the getting ready

How about staying in a 5-star yacht hotel? The hotel base in Gibraltar is not overly impressive and some of the most popular choices tend to book quickly (think The Rock Hotel), but if you want a touch of luxury and add something to your experience book – Sunborn might be the answer. Think Casino Royale vibe, diamonds and sparkle and just go with the flow!

Wedding Ceremony at Dell Gardens

After the busy preparations on board of the floating hotel, we moved to a slightly different scenery – to the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens La Alameda, with the wedding ceremony in the Dell Gardens. It’s a beautiful, lush green spot for intimate wedding ceremonies.

The Rock Gibraltar and Europa Point

Another must-have for many adventurous couples is to get into the cable car, conveniently located just outside of the Alameda Gardens. The whole trip to the top takes only minutes and the vistas from the top of the Rock are pretty spectacular.

To finish off an intense day, you may want to head over to the Europa Point on the other side of Gibraltar.

Sunborn Gibraltar

Wedding Flowers by Unique by Roberto Silvosa

Hair & Makeup by Lorraine from Princess Bride

Wedding ceremony at the Dell Gardens in Alameda Park Gibraltar