Cortijo Rosa Blanca- Wedding portraits on a cloudy day

October 29, 2019

My last big wedding of the season and it was a beautiful one. Ailbhe and John came all the way from Ireland for their wedding day celebrations and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

There were definitely a lot of butterflies and giggles as well as some tear-wiping on all sides. And that’s exactly what I’m after as a wedding photographer!

From the couple to their wedding venue and all the decor – everything looked amazing and all I really had to do, was to capture the relaxed and fun vibe. With a little help of my lights and light shaping arsenal for shooting wedding portraits.

Bride and Groom Portraits on a Cloudy Day

Ailbhe had mentioned she really loved the beautiful soft light you can capture timeless wedding portraits in Spain, so I was on a mission to recreate just that. Why recreate? Because we were super lucky to escape any rain, but the sun was in and out the entire day.

Luckily, I’ve learned from experience, that on a day like that, you just need to stay focused and flexible to photograph things in the best way, whenever possible. So whenever there was a glimpse of sun, I’d quickly take the bride and groom for a few snaps just to be safe. This approach has really served me well over the years!

Wedding Day Plan – stay flexible

Because what often happens is that we have some portrait time scheduled, usually around ‘sunset’, but this is a wedding day and THINGS HAPPEN. Not bad things, just regular things. Like when you see the most amazing light for bridal portraits while someone else is delivering a speech. Or when the dinner is served. Or something else happens and you just cannot walk away for photos. I used to dread that but now I think it’s actually better to prepare, relax and play it by ear.

And that’s exactly what happened that day. While everybody was sat comfortably and enjoyed their dinner, the spectacular light lit the skies. We ran towards it to get some bride and groom photos, and just minutes later it was gone. Hidden behind thick layer of clouds. So, I decided to create my own sunset and used some lights to liven up the beautiful albeit somewhat flat landscape. Profoto to the rescue!

Wedding planning by Rachel Rose Weddings

Wedding venue: Cortijo Rosa Blanca, Spain

Hair by Alex Harrocks

Makeup by Georgie

Entertainment: 2 True

Videography: Evergreen

Stationery by Nulki Nulks

Minister: Lizzie Marriage

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