Cortijo de los Caballos – Benahavis Wedding – Aisling and Wolf

January 28, 2019


Shoes?- Shoes? Oh, I don’t have any.

Your wedding dress? – Ah, the dress. I’m happy it arrived in the end!

Wedding rings? – No, no, we don’t have the rings.

Right. So that’s a check, check and check.

So they didn’t bring some of the ‘wedding days must haves’ but brought a lot of love, fun, wild joy and kids.

One of the funniest, most laid-back weddings I have photographed in Spain to date happened in the Cortijo de Los Caballos. And as a wedding photographer, I have shot well over 250 weddings around Marbella.

This one could be summarized like this: When a Wolf meets a Tiger and they decide to get married near Marbella, Spain.

However, this would not tell you the entire story. So here it is.

While for most people planning a destination wedding is already a big deal, Aisling and Wolf took it to the next level. To add some excitement, throw in families from two different countries (Ireland and Germany). Then add a couple of kids (one only a couple of weeks old, another 3-year-old). And as if this wasn’t enough, Aisling and Wolf decided to tie the knot in Spain, kind of in the middle of their all-around the world adventure, crossing the seas in their yacht. True story. So, how’s that for a wedding logistic challenge?


Wedding coordinator Becky & Rachel Rose Weddings

Wedding venue Benahavis: Cortijo de Los Caballos

Flowers: Flor Valentin